We Are Proud To Present ... 2024 NAIFA-Dallas President's Cabinet 

Acceptance of a special invitation to the President's Cabinet imparts a variety of benefits, some of which include:

  • Prepaid meals for all regular NAIFA-Dallas luncheon meetings
  • Free admission to all regular CE classes
  • Special badge
  • Annual photo to be displayed in PowerPoint presentations at all events
  • Private receptions with industry and community leaders
  • Roundtable advisory discussions with the NAIFA-Dallas President and other board members

Brent Hill, 
President 2024

Lane Boozer

Grover Brillhart

Jim Coyle, CLU, RHU, REBC

John M. Davis, Jr.

Karl Drescher Jr. FSS, LUTCF

Mike Evans, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

Danny Fisher, CLU, ChFC

Frank Frey, CLU, LUTCF

Benjamin Gerald

Andra Grava, CLU, RHU

Christi Greene

Steve Harris, CLU, ChFC

Todd Healy, CLLU, ChFC, AEP{

Yuka Nakahara Goven, CLU, MBA

John Norman, CLU, ChFC

Danny O'Connell, MBA

Kristy Osborn

Aaron Peck

Dawn Pemberton

Randy Robertson, LUTCF

Tom Rutledge, CLU, ChFC

Reed Schnittker, CLU

Ruth Shannon

Staley Shiller

Mike Smith, LTCP, SGS

Derek True, DIA, DHP